Energy Storage / Discharge Capacitors (ESC) / DC Filter Capacitors

Mr Bolaj has an in-depth working experience of Design, manufacturing, testing of various types of capacitors, during his tenure, he has developed Special application Capacitors of Steel melting industries, Extra high voltage D C Capacitors, and Energy Discharge Capacitors exclusively for Indian Defence Organisations like... BARC, DRDO, TBRL, IPR, CPRI, RRCAT, CEERI, SAMEER etc.

Marxelec is a well-established company with state of art manufacturing and testing facilities including life testing. With trained engineers and technicians, it is possible to manufacture different types of Capacitors to meet client’s stringent technical requirements. It is also possible to develop import substitute Capacitors with available infrastructure and man power and that to at a reasonable price.

Needless to mention the performance of Marxelec manufactured capacitor bound to exceed customers’ expectations for the given price. Our capacitor complies to latest national and international standards like BIS, IEC, EDF, British Standards etc.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Consistency
  • Excellence

Serving customers more than 37 years in Capacitor industry from Private, Govt. R&D sector, and defense, MARXELEC will understand and work for customer’s need and maintain a vertically integrated manufacturing philosophy. MARXELEC will provide equipment that meets national and international standards such as ISS, CSA, IEC, EDF and BS.

MARXELEC’s engineering team will understand requirement with customers’ technical staff to optimize the product design for performance, manufacturability, reliability, and ease of service. This insures the best possible price-to-performance ratio, as well as a lower total cost of ownership. MARXELEC will help its customers to best specify the product to meet the goals for their products.

Our Commitments

  • Engineering Excellence
  • Quality and Timely Delivery
  • Long Term Service Support

MARXELEC’s significant manufacturing capabilities include:

Establishment – Total 7000 square feet are dedicated to the design and production of film capacitors.  Manufacturing capabilities include all film, mixed dielectric with foil or segmented metallized film packaged in metal or insulated cases and are either oil or resin filled.  Both air and water-cooled capacitors are available for high-current and high frequency applications.

Clean Environment – We have world class clean room environment of Class 100 for capacitor winding process and Class 1Lakh for other capacitor processes till insertion of pack assembly into container...

Sheet Metal –We have an associate who have state of art machinery viz. complete CNC controlled facility dedicated to sheet metal fabrication and finishing ensures complete control of the dimensional accuracy, quality workmanship, delivery, of fabricated metal components. This is very important for high voltage oil filled equipment, since the tank production must be carefully controlled to maintain quality and delivery.

Testing – We have full fledge testing facility, complete with all required testing instruments as per IS, IEC, and BS standards to test all types of capacitors including life testing of energy storage capacitors.

Quality Norms– Quality standards have been defined and laid out in detail for each input raw materials going into manufacturing of Capacitors. The quality norms comply with latest international standards.

Finishing and Dispatch – Capacitor metal body will be used from ferritic stainless steel, Stucco aluminum, Copper/ Brass metal or Insulated containers as per required design as generally used for high voltage and extra high voltage capacitors. Before packing every capacitor will be rechecked and cleared for dispatch. All capacitors will be finished with latest surface finish technology. Capacitors will be packed with treated wood and transit damage free technique.